Mercedes Pay coming soon: Daimler acquires fintech firm – Fintech

In venture into digital payments, Daimler acquires fintech firm PayCash Europe SA. to create Mercedes Pay Daimler AG, the owner of several global brands including Mercedes-Benz, has acquired PayCash Europe SA. By moving into the payments business, Daimler AG will be launching its own electronic payment services provider under the Mercedes pay brand name. Klaus Entenmann,…

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Section II Biologic Considerations

Osseointegration is the key biologic and biophysical process that has made dental implant therapy predictably effective for replacing missing teeth. Histologically defined, osseointegration is the direct structural and functional connection between organized, living bone and the surface of a load-bearing implant without intervening soft tissue between the implant and bone. The discovery of this process occurred by accident when Swedish bone researchers placed chambers into the bone of animals to examine the vasculature of the bone.

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